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Knowledge Base as API and Suggested Prompts

Axultan Alimkulov


We have introduced key updates to our platform, designed to empower you with cutting-edge AI capabilities. Here is a quick overview of the latest features.

  1. Automatic Question Generation 🤖

Now, when you build an AI model using your knowledge base, our system will automatically generate questions based on the uploaded documents and links. You can view that in action by creating a new AI model with knowledge base!

  1. Help Page 🙇

We understand that navigating around AI models can be challenging. To aid in your journey, we have created a dedicated Help Page that addresses frequently asked questions and provides detailed guidance on how to make the most of Invicta AI's features. Click here to visit it.

  1. Knowledge Base API for Developers & Businesses (Beta) 🔧

Are you a developer or business looking to tap into Invicta AI's knowledge base? We are thrilled to announce our Knowledge Base API (Beta) for early access. To apply for early access, please fill out a form by clicking here.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvements at Invicta AI, please feel free to submit your ideas here.