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At Invicta AI, we believe AI should do more than just generate content - it should be able to act. Our AI agents are extremely powerful on their own, but they become truly transformative when they can execute tasks and workflows without your intervention.

That's why we've built Invicta AI Automations - to let your AI agents handle repetitive, manual processes from start to finish.

What are AI Automations?

AI Automations are pre-built sequences of actions and decisions that allow an AI agent to autonomously carry out multi-step workflows. They act as playbooks that agents can follow to mimic human behaviors and judgment when performing tasks.

Instead of just analyzing data, our automations enable agents to respond to it - such as sending an email or creating a document. This takes the burden off your employees so they can focus on higher-value work.

Some examples of automations we offer include:

  • Email automations - Automatically respond to customer emails, classify messages, schedule meetings
  • Sales automations - Qualify leads, create quotes, follow up at the right times
  • Support automations - Understand support tickets, suggest solutions, escalate when needed
  • Document automations - Generate reports, analyze legal contracts, summarize research

And many more complex automations are on the way!

How AI Automations Work

Every automation consists of one or more AI agents working together to complete a workflow.

You simply define the sequence of steps required and train the agents on any data or knowledge needed. The agents then continue learning and improving over time as they execute the automation.

For example, an email automation could consist of:

  • An AI agent that determines if a response is needed
  • An agent that composes intelligent responses

Automations can be triggered automatically or on-demand. The steps each agent takes are fully customizable to match your unique needs.

Benefits of AI Automations

AI Automations provide a wide range of benefits:

  • Save time by eliminating repetitive manual work
  • Reduce costs by minimizing employee labor
  • Improve consistency with standardized automated processes
  • Scale effortlessly by adding agents as needed
  • Free up employees to focus on core business goals
  • Get more done by automating round-the-clock

And best of all, automations keep improving the more they run, getting smarter and more efficient over time.

Ready to turn your manual workflows into hands-off automations? Get in touch to learn how Invicta AI can help!