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Email Automations


Our Email Automations feature allows you to connect your AI agents with Gmail or Outlook so they can respond to emails automatically. This will help you reduce manual work and save a lot of time.

You can use our official templates as a starting point by clicking "Try". Once you get comfortable with the tools, you can experiment and customize your own AI Agents according to your needs.

Components of the Email Automation Builder

Email Filtering AI Agent

This AI agent determines whether an incoming email should trigger automation.

Once the AI agent receives an email, it must respond with either "true," "yes," "1," or "message." If it does not respond with any of these, the automation will not trigger and information will not be passed to the second AI agent.

For instance, if you create an AI agent to filter customer support questions from non-customer support questions, the system message may be as follows:

Your main task is to evaluate incoming emails based on their complexity and length. If an email is lengthy, classify it as 'long' and respond with "true." For simpler and shorter emails, label them as 'short' and respond with "false."

Now, when the AI agent receives an email, it will reply with either "true" or "false." If it determines that the email is too short, it will reply with "false," and the automation won't trigger. However, if the AI agent considers the email to be long, it will respond with "true," thus triggering the automation.

If the automation is triggered, the Email Generating AI agent will receive the original user email and respond accordingly.

Email Generating AI Agent

When triggered by the Email Filtering Agent, this AI Agent analyzes the incoming email and automatically generates an appropriate response. It handles both composing and sending the reply without any human intervention.

You can include commands within the system message to guide the AI to generate responses with HTML, ensuring that text is appropriately formatted for an email. Remember, when you upload documents into the AI automation through the button on the Automations card, they are uploaded only into the knowledge base of the Email Generating AI Agent.

Reply Type

There are 3 types of reply options you can choose from:

  • Auto-Reply: The AI agent automatically responds to the original sender without any human confirmation.
  • Approve & Send: The AI agent first sends you an email with a draft response and a button that says "Approve and Send". If you press the button, the email is sent.
  • Read Only: The AI agent sends you the draft response, without an "Approve and Send" button, this option is read-only.

Only from

This feature allows you to select specific email addresses that should trigger this automation. This way, you can control who can activate these automations and keep your processes more organized.

Remember, our goal here at Invicta AI is to make your work easier and more efficient. Experiment with the email automation builder and see how much time you can save!